Learning to teach

Running a class or workshop

  1. Survey / Appraisal

    1. Proficiency level: Zero exp / Basic / intermediate

    2. Number of participants

    3. Duration

    4. Relevance - what do people want to use it for; and what is their day job

Doing demos or workshop tips

  • Have a second that alerts you to pause when participants are having problems

    and go around to help people

  • turn on "zoom" in Accessibility for Mac; allowing into to zooming in and out

  • If using shortcuts, repeat it every single time.

Recording video tutorials

Best video instructors for reference

  • Entagma — Great voice and speed

  • Andrew Kramer from Video CoPilot — Fun and humorous (somewhat)

  • Andrew Price from Blender Guru

Miscellaneous notes:

*Intermediate users are the most challenging to teach; because they do not show up unless you are well-recognised for your skills and prestige in the field.