Time Management



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What is time management?

It might be confused with how we plan a day, which is part of it, but more importantly, it is about completing things we want to do. The output is what matters. Time management should be more about how we manage how time, energy, intentions and expectations to effect an output.

What is poor time management

  • Abstraction of goals - poorly defined - you will have no idea when you get there

  • No schedule

  • Parkinson's law

Getting things done=consistency×effort×strategyGetting\ things\ done = consistency\times effort \times strategy


  • Performance - law of diminishing return

  • Duration and frequency

  • Inertia and triggers into flow

    • space: environment

    • peers - solitude

    • music - auditory bubble

  • Taking breaks

  • Strategy - doing more with less

    • What can you NOT do>

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