JSX Cheatsheet

If you're just starting to learn JSX and expressions for After Effects, it can be overwhelming to remember all the syntax and concepts involved. That's why I've created this JSX cheatsheet as a quick reference guide to help you when you get stuck.


In programming, a declaration is a statement that tells the computer what a particular variable or function is going to be named and what type of value it will hold or return. To declare a variable in JavaScript, use the var keyword followed by the variable name. You can declare multiple variables in one line by separating them with a comma.

var myVariable;
var x,y,c


Initialization is the process of giving a variable its first value when it is created. When you declare a variable, the computer sets aside a specific amount of memory to store its value. Initialization is the act of assigning a value to that memory location. To initialize a variable, assign a value to it using the = operator. You can initialize an array with multiple values using square brackets [] and separating the values with commas.

var myVariable = 5;
var myArray = [a,b,c,d,h,i,j,k];


Strings are used to represent text in JavaScript.

"string is text"


For-loops are used to iterate over a block of code multiple times.

for (var i = 0; i < value; i++) {
  // statement

While Loops

While-loops are used to iterate over a block of code as long as a particular condition remains true.

while (i < 20) {
  // statement

If/Else Statements

If/else statements are used to execute different blocks of code depending on whether a condition is true or false.

if (x==20) {
} else {

Shorthand If Statement

The shorthand if statement is used when you want to return a value based on a condition.

if (x == 1) 10;


Ternary operations are a shorthand way to write if/else statements and return a value based on a condition.

x = (y >= 5) ? 20 : 50;


A function is a block of code in programming that performs a specific task or set of tasks. It's like a reusable mini-program within a larger program. Imagine them as a pre-compositions in After Effects.

Functions are designed to take some input (known as arguments or parameters), process that input, and then return an output or perform an action.

Similar to variables, functions must be declared. In the below example, a function double that accepts an argument called x and returns the double of x :

function double(x) {
  return 2 * x;


Objects in JavaScript are used to store collections of key/value pairs.

var x = { firstName "John", lastName "Doe" };

Single Line Comment

Single line comments are used to add comments to your code that will not be executed.

// This is a single line comment

Multi-Line Comment

Multi-line comments are used to add comments to your code that span multiple lines.

/* This is a 
multi-line comment 
that spans multiple lines */

Regular Expressions (Regex)

Regular expressions are patterns used to match character combinations in strings.

"\n" // Line break

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