3 Process?


Does it matter how your art is made? Or how you arrive at the solution. Perhaps it does or it might not. The value of your project can shift based on where you want to focus on.

Betancourt, Intellectual Process, Visceral Result


Automation of art-making raises the question of where does the genius lies; in the art made by the machine, the design of the machine by the creator, or the machine itself.

So what? & Notes

We fetishize objects and monumentalizing them on another realm but that should not be the way. Art should shift consciousness and not be just an item for idolatry. The mental or abstract concept that one generate from interacting with the art is more important.

The reader as the author plays a huge role in generating variations to infinity experiences.

Perhaps the question of how should we situate the artwork should be supplemented with another question; are we trying make money here, or are we trying to change / shift culture, or are we just making art for interpersonal experience

As for human agency in art making, there is no need for one to actually make art physically by himself; you can pay someone else to do it for you and it is still just acceptable. An example would be Damien Hirst's For the love of God, an artwork that he did not make by spending hours in the dark concepting a masterpiece,

LeWitt, Sentences on Conceptual Art

Art is not just following conventions, it is whatever you want to be; creating new meaning and experience.

#03 Illogical judgements lead to new experience. I relate to this sentence as most of works are informed by automatism. It is not just when I am in a “flow” when making my design. It is also contributed by other factors such as inane conversations and critique with my peers, delayed procrastination, reading books and so on. My whole life is a design methodology in which I identify essential pieces of my project, which I call “omens”, and synthesized and translate them into my project

#18 One usually understands the art of the past by applying the conventions of the present thus misunderstanding the art of the past. The value of art changes over time, we need to look at art within the time period it was created

#32 Banal ideas cannot be rescued by beautiful execution. What there are many “eye candies” out there on web or social media, that does not mean they are special. It simply means that you satisfied a brief. A good design is one that sparks discussion and inspire innovation.

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