Rendering & Lighting

Using flipbook

Good for fast preview animation

  • Exporting as avi = large file > compressed via Handbrake

  • MPlay, export > ffmpeg > as mp4

IPR render

Orange lighting exercise

  • Noise bumps- In Principled Shader > Displacement > Noise Displacement

  • PBR renders

  • environment light

    • unlink sunlight

    • change to Area, normalize, back to sun

    • change sun angle

  • Shadow noise

    • increase min/max ray samples to 16/32

  • Importance of EXR


  • Using separate mantra nodes for test and finder render

  • force object & exclude object

  • tiled renders, and restitching them

Using img network

  • nodes: bright, over, color

  • resizing flat background


point lights - good for bulb

disk light highlights


mind your samples

reflect limit 10 - 15 (glass), turn down if not reflecting

DOF in Compositing, not in render

Motion Blur in renderer

Using commandline rendering script - rename version, mantranode, and hip file

Optimizing render times

Tiled render - Quick render by reducing tile to 2, and specify tile index

🔦 Lighting


sunlight & keylight

distant - cheaper, good for blocking

sun - blurred shadow

Spotlight - not so good

attenuation, active radius - good for instancing lights

Light bank

Data tree

Mantra > Objects > Headlight Creation

Simulating warm and cool lights to create dimensions

Lighting linking - for more controls

Instancing lights

instancing - pack geometry - does not inherit all details


you cannot see instances till you render it

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