AE Tools Style Guide

Base Naming Convention


 Brand* - Name - Details 
 * Optional
Attribute Name (Control Type (Min: min_value, Max: max_value, Unit: unit_of_measurement)

Transition Properties

1. Transition Type (Dropdown)

2. Transition Completion (Slider, Min: 0%, Max: 100%)
    Transition Completion - In
    Transition Completion - Out

2. Direction (Dropdown/Angle Control)
3. Duration (Slider, Min: 0 sec, Max: ∞ sec)

5. Scale (Point, Min: 0%, Max: ∞)
6. Scale (Point, Min: 0%, Max: ∞)

7. Opacity (Slider, Min: 0%, Max: 100%)
8. Feathering (Slider, Min: 0, Max: ∞)


  • Airbnb Javascript Style Guide

  • UE5 Style Guide, Ullah


Glass Refraction Effect

1. Create a luma matte tiled
2. Use `Displacement map` effect
3. Duplicate the 

Version Control for Design

  • How do you manage version control for developing designs and explorations?

What is Version Control in software development?

Version control is a method that record modifications as they occur, facilitating collaborative effort among multiple developers on a single project. It preserves a chronological log of changes, ensuring that specific version can be accesses and restored whenever necessary.

Why is relevant to visual design?

  • Collaborative

  • Manage huge volume of designs or animations or iterations


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