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What am I looking for when reviewing a reel or a website.


In late 2019, I saw a senior motion designer position at my company; and thought to myself what it takes to be one. I don't think it was a matter of technical skills because everyone on my team seems to able to perform at similar levels. That's when I thought to myself that it was a matter of "experience and the 'eye'; it means being able to spot mistakes and have confidence to approve a design . That is why I decided to write my own guide of what I deemed is good as a way of training my understanding of what it takes to be a senior level designer.

Project / work review

Above is good way to set parameters for what makes a work good.


  1. I did a project collaboration in which I was responsible for secondary elements (eg. background) but the production values lies in the the 3D rendering and animation that was not done by me. Can I still put that shot in my reel?

    • You have to ask yourself what are the implications of putting that shot in the reel:

      • Clients or employers will definitely ask if you did the 3D stuff or if you can recreate it

      • You are promoting your peer's work rather than yours so he/she will get the job instead

      • You are highlighting your weakness rather your strength; you are wasting screen time to showcase your skills and talents!

  2. My peers want to put a shot from a collaborative project you did together in his/her reel even though you were the one responsible for more than 80% for that shot. Should I give them permission?

    • The situation is reversed now in this case and so is the answer. If they want to put it in their reel sure; they are promoting your work.

    • However, do have your peer credit you for that shot wherever he or she post the work eg.website process page or showreel video description.

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