Pimping up AE


AE Script Starter Pack


  • After Effects Output modules

NoSleepCreative Expression Starter Pack

Expression Documentation


Installing scripts

  • How to install script & scriptsUI

  • Installing via DMG:

    • fx console - shortcut, saving screenshots, copying to clipboard

  • How to install ZXP extensions with ZXP installer

    • Install Flow

Setting up your workspaces

AE Organization & management

Essentially, you want to use the same principles as above: having a consistent folder structure, responsibly naming your files, and reducing project size.

Folder Structures

Setting up preferences to auto-load AEP template

Under Preferences > New Project > Choose Project Template > Select AEP to use for startup

After Effects Output Modules (AOM)

Rule of thumb: 
prores 422HQ for delivery, 
4444+alpha for video that needs alpha, 
LT if storage space is limited,

mp4: high quality 2 pass encoding 50mbps, max render quality

How to save Render Settings(ars) and Output Modules (aom)

If you want to save a render-settings template for use on another system

  • Click the Save All button in the Render Settings Templates dialog box before you close it

  • or, reopen the dialog box later by choosing Edit > Templates > Render Settings).

  • Save the file in an appropriate location on your hard disk, such as in the After Effects application folder.

  • All the currently loaded render settings are saved in a file with the .ars extension.

  • Then, copy this file to the disk of the other system. When you start After Effects on that system, choose Edit > Templates > Render Settings, click the Load button, and select the new .ars file to load the settings you saved.


How to load AOM files

Have a item in the render queue > Output Module > Make Template > Load > Select AOM file

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