Tier 1

  • The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth - it is the truth which conceals that there is none

  • We confuse the map as being the real

  • Simulacrum: is reflection of a basic reality, masks and perverts a basic reality, masks the absence of a basic reality, it bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum

  • Orders of simulacra: Counterfeit / Production / Simulation

  • Public opinion = hyperreal - lives only off of montage and test-manipulation

  • Polls as a simulacrum of public opinions; do we really know its verity, influence, accuracy in representation?

  • The unreal is no longer that of dream of fantasy of a beyond a within, it is that of a hallucinatory resemblance of the real within itself.

Tier 2

  • Disneyland - suspension of the real and into the imaginary world. Make us believe that the rest is real, when actually everything else are no longer real, but of the order of the hyperreal and of simulation

  • Watergate - a simulation of a scandal to regenerative ends

  • A fake hold-up / robbery - lead to people perceiving as the real due to how the established order is (Southland tales?)

  • Hyperreality and simulation are deterrents of every principle and of every objective

  • Production as a restoration of the real which escapes it.Contemporary production is itself hyperreal.

  • Television watches you: implosion of meaning = simulation begins

  • War is peace

  • All media and the official news service only exist to maintain the illusion of actuality

  • Reality itself, entirely impregnated by an aesthetic which is inseparable from its own structure, has been confused with its own image > reality is not reality because we live our lives with simulations


  • Hyperreal cannot be broken for there is no basis in reality; but it is ubiquitous everywhere. We already live in an esthetic hallucination of reality. Truman show might be a good example of this fabricated-domed reality; everything seems real on the surface but is not when you look behind, it was just an illusion.

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