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Why share knowledge?

Why the hell not?? Sharing is caring. Here at NoSleepCreative, we share and mapped out curated knowledge in accessible online format that students and professionals can used alike in the Motion Design industry.

Why a database format?

For about 4 years I been trying to find a way to curate knowledge in the most efficient way while still updating it as I hone my artistic skills. I experimented with various platforms such as a Wordpress website, Notion , Google Docs, and even Mediawiki, all to no avail. Gitbook comes closest to what I have been looking for in terms of user interface and design; a database for crystallizing knowledge.

Matt and his cgwiki database explains it the best:

Rather than keep it in a paper notebook I've stored it online in a wiki, which you're looking at now., it's a little disorganised and messy, you'll find things scribbled in the margins, sketches of ideas, shopping lists etc.It's not a manual, it's not official software documentation, quality varies depending on my stress levels at the time of writing. Hopefully most of it is interesting and/or useful.

In short, it is my peers and my manifesto to approaching to art and design.

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