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Hello! I'm Desmond Du, a Motion Designer/Creative Technologist based in New York City.

Welcome to NoSleepCreative Wiki. I established this platform in late 2019 as a complement to my NoSleepCreative YouTube Channel. Here, my focus is on curating knowledge related to Motion Design, with a particular emphasis on JSX expression coding and creative technology. I occasionally update this wiki when I get some free time or actively use the site for new expression snippets.


This wiki project started in 2015. After experimenting with platforms like WordPress, Notion, Google Docs, and Mediawiki for about four years, I finally found what I was looking for in 2019 with GitBook, which offered the ideal interface and design for curating knowledge while honing my artistic skills. I was very much inspired by Matt and his cgwiki database explains the importance and structure of the wiki:

Rather than keep it in a paper notebook I've stored it online in a wiki, which you're looking at now., it's a little disorganised and messy, you'll find things scribbled in the margins, sketches of ideas, shopping lists etc. It's not a manual, it's not official software documentation, quality varies depending on my stress levels at the time of writing. Hopefully most of it is interesting and/or useful.


  • 2024.02.21: Added new page Formulas to Cinema 4D Section

  • 2023.10.04: Created Cinema 4D>Cookbook, added Python terms table to Cheat Sheet

  • 2023.10.01: Added profile photo, while loop to JSX Cheatsheet

  • 2023.09.16: Added GIFs for snippet and rewrote expressions for clarity, added change log, clean up Welcome page

  • 2020.10.12: Some of my content here are disappearing as I am migrating them into my private Notion database for easier curation. Not to worry, everything related to Motion Design will remain here.


This website is a non-profit, and made based on my willingness to share knowledge and help anyone I can. If you find this helpful, please consider donating to keep the website running and buy some coffees and beer to keep this community of sharing going. Thank you very much.

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