Making best of our the cards we are dealt

  • Recontextualizing how we look at our cards, and coming out with new combinations to win the game, play different a game

  • Reframe

Fighting the losing battle

Keywords: Murphy law’s

Confirmation bias

Pressure, peer pressure, expectations, confirmation bias - looking for the best parts from people and worst of you > Imposter syndrome > we are actively looking for how we are vulnerable and unworthy > neglect your self and identity

Questioning self-worth and imposter syndrome's

  • Recruiters pivot, H1B first timers

  • Unfair, question our self-worth,

  • leaving the country, death sense for your career, denial of opportunities or even try, taken away at the lat minute

  • Unlucky ones , unfavorable conditions or circumstances

Embrace and Pivot

  • accept your defeat, and wait and prepare for the moment of glory

  • more time to grow, patience, embracing uncertainty

  • Reassessment, and investigate how to

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