Art has a power of its own to define or reposition itself in a radical way as a cultural dominant. We are free to create art as a means to an end, or we can use it to challenge conventions, we can even use it as a basis for a new form of art or technology. Some questions that can be raised would be: what sort of art makes the most money, what makes an art good or bad )(but how do we define these arbitrary terms in the first place), or what sort of art scares people?

Rosinger, "What Shall We Look for in Art?";


Art is neither a vehicle for communication nor that communication is the purpose of artistic creations; yet most of us firmly believe that it is. This is because we tend to search for hidden messages in art rather than appreciate the aesthetic qualities.

Art is exhibition of form that satisfies the creator

Art can be used to please the creator or others; also as a way to show superiority or to show off

Art can make someone immortal even after their death.

Art is about the joy of creation

So what? & Notes

Personally, when i look at art, I’m looking for a novel experience or change in my perception. Such of these arts can be distorted and metamorphic imagery that makes your brain work harder to decipher what is the content. I think it is this engagement that makes me enjoy art and something that I look for.

That is a some sort of satisfaction gained when you create something or art with your own abilities. You feel compelled to share it with others or hear praise about your efforts and creation. I supposed it is like having a baby, you think that it is the most wonderful thing you created after being f*cked so hard in life.

Greenberg, "Modernist Painting";

Naturalistic art use art to conceal art by erasing the flatness of the canvas (integrity of the picture plane); modernism used art to call attention to art by acknowledging the flatness as a positive factor (eg. Manet, Cezanne)

Modernism has abandoned the representation of the kind of space that recognizable objects can inhabit

Autonomy is achieved when painting divest itself = abstract.

So What:

Modernism = color and application, about medium not illusionistic. It doesn't have to mean something, it could be anything. It ask questions that is hard to answer or impossible to.

Any mark on a canvas removes its flatness

Deliberateness; the limiting conditions of art are altogether human conditions. = we define our limits

Ziv, "Parallels Between Suprematism and Flash"

Suprematism as the domination of form and intellect by using pure geometric forms

New technology will destroy the status quo and birth a new form of art

Suprematism and Flash are very much alike - such as form, color, motion and context

Abstract vector-based graphics can be seen as a reusage of the language of modernist abstraction and design.

So what

It is interesting to see Suprematism as an invented visual language or language of icons with its own meaning not pertaining to conventions, nature or reality. Shouldn’t we as art students aspire to craft our own “visual voice” in similar fashion? We should design our own signs imbued with personal meanings.

Perhaps one should look into Suprematism to improve their motion graphics skill

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