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opt + LMB - rotate
opt + RMB - scale
opt + MMB - move
frame geometry - H
frame selected object - o
preferences - Cmd + E
Project - Cmd + D
Render - Cmd + B
Commander - shift + C


Why is my screen rendering black [1]

  • the camera is key framed to a position inside another object

  • you didn’t add any lights and auto light is off in the render options

  • you have disabled rendering in the layer manager

  • you are looking at the alpha channel in the picture viewer

  • you have hidden all your objects in the render (Red dot in OM)

  • you have the wrong camera set as the render view

  • your lights have shadows enabled but are behind or inside other objects

  • Texturing and shading

    • linking of textures using Driver and Driven in shader causing an error

Split objects from polygon groups [1]

In polygon mode, double clicking any part of the mesh will select it and all the polygons connected to it. Alternatively you can select connected parts by selecting one polygon and doing U,W 'Select Connected'. Then you just have to right-click, choose split from the contextual menu, which creates a new polygon object containing your selection, then you have to press delete to remove those polys from the original model. Rinse and repeat for the other parts.

Team render

  1. Activate Team Render on C4D

  2. Turn on TeamRender Client

  3. Get IP address of child computers

  4. Team Render to Picture Viewer