Working with people & departments

"What deliverable should we have by next class? Styleframes? Motion tests?" — Student "Well, the final product would be good" — Professor Betancourt

Supervisors & Directors

Quick turnarounds

  • Factors

    • Reference / direction

    • Contextual information - agenda of project / deliverable

    • Production information

      • Deadline

  • Unpleasant situations

    • You are given "creative freedom" to make anything but the end product is not what your art director wants.

      • He/she then tells you what they want

    • Your art director worked with you for an hour to do a "perfect" type motion treatment, and you version out 8 of them. However, you later get notes about making edits to the motion treatment. Repeat that 4 times.

  • Things to keep in mind;

    • your 100% will always be 80% of what your art director wants


  • Good practice

    • Reference clips for timing and length and content

  • Always give padding