STEM Extension


Information you should have prior to filling out i983

  1. Employer /company's legal name

  2. Company's EIN

  3. NACIS code


  1. Fill out the I983 form and send it your school with

  2. a verification of your employment history during your OPT. It needs to match what is in your SEVP portal. If you have missed entering any of this information please log in now to update it before proceeding with your application.

  3. Get your pay for the shipment of your new I-20.

  4. As soon as your school have your documents ready, I will mail them to you.

  5. Once I have your updated I-983 and employment history I will send you the list of documents you need to prepare for you application.

  6. You will be responsible for gathering and compiling the rest of the application and mailing it to USCIS.


To request the shipment of your documents, please visit eShip Global’s website,, to create an account. You must use the Web site provided above – please do not go through DHL, UPS or FedEx directly, as this will delay the shipment and cost more. eShip Global allows you to enter your own shipment information, to ensure the address and other details are accurate and will reach you without a problem. Once you order the shipment, our office will receive notification and will arrange for the pick-up of your package by DHL, UPS or FedEx. You can then track the progress of the package through your eShip Global account.

Place a Shipment Order: 1. Create and activate your eShip Students/Scholars account 2. On the homepage select “Receive Documents from University” 3. For “Step 1 – Select University”: select “Savannah College of Art and Design” 4. For “Step 2 – Department Selection”: • International Student Services Office • Please be sure to make the appropriate choice as failure to do so will delay document shipment 5. For “Step 3 – Shipment Creation”: • Enter your Campus ID – this is your 9 digit SCAD Student ID number (ex: 002223415). You can find it on your SCAD ID card or MySCAD Account • Your address is automatically generated based on your e-ship profile. Please review it to ensure accuracy • Select the document to be mailed. Ex: I-20, OPT application, etc. 6. For “Step 4 – Carrier Selection, Cost and Transit Time”: • Review your address and select your preferred carrier • If everything is accurate, select “Continue” 7. After placing your shipment order, you can return to your eShip account to track the status of your shipment. Documents typically arrive 3-5 business days after your shipment leaves our office

Please pay close attention to the information submitted, as submitting incorrect department or address information will result in a delay in the mailing of your documents.

If you experience any difficulty in registering and processing the shipment, please use the eShipGlobal/UEMS “Help” link for step by step instructions. If you have additional questions about how to use this service, please email

Shipments to Iran SCAD has worked with eShip Global and we are approved to mail packages to Iran through DHL courier service, though please note these often take longer than the typical 3-5 business day delivery time. Why eShip? SCAD only offers international shipments through eShip Global because regular mail to many other countries is extremely slow and unreliable, and sensitive immigration documents such as an I-20 can be lost, stolen or delayed. eShip offers tracking, so students can plan appropriately for their visa appointments and all the other next steps that depend on the receipt of the I-20.

Part 2

Once your school has review your I-983 form and printed your STEM I-20. It will be mailed out to you with a tracking number.

Once you receive your I-20's, please use the following check list to gather all remaining items for your STEM application:

  • A copy of your transcript showing degree conferred and major**

  • 2 passport photos (Print I-94 number and your name on the back of each in pencil or ballpoint pen. These photos should be recent photos taken within the past 3 months. Photos that were used on your previous EAD card will not be accepted.)

  • Money order for $410, made payable to Department of Homeland Security or you may pay by personal check.

  • OPT Extension I-20

  • Copy of passport ID page showing picture and expiration date

  • Copy of I-94 entry record (obtain at

  • Copy of your F-1 visa in your passport

  • Copy of current EAD (OPT work authorization card) front and back

  • G-1145 recommended form which will allow you to receive electronic notifications about your application


  • A copy of page 1 of your employer's e-verify memorandum for confirmation of number 21 on the i765 form. Ensure the e-verify number is correctly listed on the I-765 form. (This form is recommended but not required).

  • Do not take the photos yourself. Visit a Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS or FedEx store to request passport photos to be taken. They will be the correct size. Ensure you cut them out (2x2) and list the required information on the back. **Note: Your transcripts will be included in the packet along with your new I-20s. Once you have completed the check-list, you will mail the full application to USCIS. The appropriate address for mailing will be found in the I-20 packet being mailed to you.