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Jodi Glickman on Pitching Yourself

You don't get the job not because you are not qualified but rather people do not believe your story


  • The key is landing the 2nd conversation with the other party

  • Questions

    • Why do I want to work for X company ?

    • What am I excited about now

    • What am I going to do next with my career

    • What am I trying to achieve today.

  • No: your life story

    • Yes: Hi, nice to meet you. I am in X industry for Y years, I have amazing returns and I want to go into Z. I was working in X and then went to Y, but my real passion is Z and I think I would be a great candidate for your program/job.

Backstory (not background; write your own story)

  • No one care about your resume

  • explain how your experience relates to the job

  • Talk about

    • Relevant experience

    • Transferable skills (quick-learner, agile, calm under pressure, juggling roles and tasks)

    • You are excited and passionate about X ,and you see the wave of the future going into that direction, and you want to be part of that change, working with companies who that are taking business in X direction.

      • Your experience: I spent alot of time in X, but I am noticing a trend or pattern in Y and that's why I am the right person to help take your business to next level.

    • Its not what recent that matters, it's what relevant

Connect the dots

  • It's not about the skills; the truth is you do not get hired is because people don't believe in your story or your destination. There is a doubt in your story. Until you convince yourself, no one is going to believe what you are selling.

Final notes

  • You need more than one pitch


  1. What is the turnaround at your studios on an average day. For example, for preparing a pitch deck, styleframes (how many do you expect)