Project management


Part 1: Project management
    Using a project management app eg. Notion, Trello, Basecamp
    setting up production timeline
    setting up asset list, shot breakdown
      maximizing efficiency and effectiveness
Part 2: Communication
    writing minutes and curating meeting notes
    facilitating meeting and discussions
Part 3: Culture Code
    creating a safe environment for people to trust and collaborate
Part 4: Optimization
    using an all-in-one workspace like Station
Recommended readings:

How to use Notion

Key skills
    creating pages, headers
    formatting of rows
    formatting of text and characters
    typing emoji
Desmond best practices
    use Headings 3 - looks most pleasant in size
    use of emoji as visual language to visually understand the text they are reading
    / : commands (eg. add pages or elements)
    ctrl + / : row options
    ctrl + \ : hide side panel
    ctrl + d: duplicate row
    esc: select row
    for headings


Questions to ask at each meeting

what is our objective?
what do we need?
what do we not know?
what is our next plan for each person?
what is our objective?
what do we need?
what do we not know?
what is our next plan for each person?

Formatting minutes

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Sample minute template

To increase readability

    use a consistent template so people know what to expect or instantaneously understand information
      I usually use Admin for small announcements not pertaining to production
      tag people and give them a call-to-action — to refresh people their agendas
    Use headers & emojis to differentiate between topics
    bullet or numbered list for lists
    use back-tick characters () to highlightnamesor notableitem`
    Original notes
    Start editing here
    🔴 Admin
      Please sign your NDA‘s!!!! ASAP( As soon as Kelly post them)
      Please meet up with the groups you’re with over the weekend and try and include me and Kelly
      I’ll be bumping around wherever people need me! Don’t be shy about asking for help!
    🧠 Meeting notes
      story boards/shot list due Thursday the 14th
      test shoot on Friday the 15th
      Meeting the sound on week 3
    Production/ Concept
      Tech still up in the air; The 2nd world is the digital world.
      Aim for 2 mins a world
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