1. Primordial water - our origin and also our destruction

  2. Divine intervention: destroy and recreate the world

  3. chosen divinity

Epic of Gilgamesh

  • Noahs Ark story - punishment of noise and man's wickedness, creation of man was a mistake by God

  • loyalty and obedience to divinity

Chinese floods

  • Yu - stopping the flood with 13 years of diligent efforts with the help with the mystical beings and deities and gods > slay monsters and boss. Turns into a bear to work on flood control but discovered by wife who got petrified. The purpose of the flood here seems to be focuses on Yu commitment to save China makes him a modern human being and Emperor. Demonstration of achieving goals through efforts, endurance, patience.

America floods

  • a couple survived the flood in a box

  • wooden men could not really remember names of God > flood > recreate men from corn-mill and alcohol with lowered potential. Troubling nature of creation & humanity, fault of the creator

  • Columbus: must not make a fire after the flood, was punished by transformed into monkey

In media

  • Thanos in Avengers

  • Black Mirror


Psychology of Myth

  1. Sigmund Freud

    • Oedipus concept - kill his father to marry his mother. Boy has natural tendency to sleep with mother.

  2. Carl Jung

    • Archetypes - figures or concept that occur across culture and history, shared, in essence amongst all people. Ways to understanding the world - sense making device

      • the conscious mind, the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious = integrated self

      • the shadow - primitive & reverse self

      • anima & animus - avatars of our gender essentialism. feminine vs masculine qualities

      • the self - a character that represent a total & timeless unification of your conscious and unconscious parts; link to the collective unconscious = individuation

    • collective unconscious - a person's psyche to be an individual manifestation of elements taken from the it

    • Star Wars

      • Shadows: Darth Vader and Han

      • Anima: Princess Leia

      • Senex: Obi Wan, Yoda