Best social media marketer

General tips

  1. Environment setup

  2. SHOW! DON'T TELL! — Your post or website should give your users an instantaneous of how your service or product works. You can do with correct use of visuals, animation and headlines. #convenience


Planting that hero's jounryen in people's mind

  • Triump doubts

  • trials and tribulations

  • safety risks

  • trust

  • unknown

  • unexperience

  • problem answer

Carousel posts strategy

  1. Plan your content

  2. Layout design

    • Approach the post as single piece as opposed to 10 individual boxes (see bridgestudio)

    • Prompt the user to go to the next page with visual cues (eg.arrows,page numbers, graphic elements that spread across squares)

    • Let the visuals used be the 20% communicate the core idea of the square (eg.emojis, icons, illustrations)

    • Continuity

  3. Type is Kween

    1. your headlines should be communicate 80% of the message with as little words as possible. You do not want people to read too much

  4. Have a call-to-action that invites dialogue

    • Give audience something to think / comment about

    • want to improve your skills? > Check out my course on website link in bio

  5. Production in AE

    • Build 10 1080 x 1080 compositions. Design your layout and content within these compositions.

    • Preview composition: stitch them together in one long strip

    • Render composition: create another comp that have all comps trimmed to one frame and sequenced in order. This allows you render that composition as a png seq and you have all the images in order.

    • Workflow

      • Use Ray Dynamic Color to set / change color palette

  6. Hide the vegetables

    • even though you have a grand message to share; not many people see the value in it as they have different expectations

    • what you can do instead to lead them to the message, or you can sprinkle it along the way

    • but never present it on its own; think of it as dessert or a side dish


  • How to do keyword research to increase site ranking?

Analytics — Andy Crestodina: The Most Useful Google Analytics Metrics for Web Designers

Recommending readings

  • Orbit Media YouTube

  • Measure School YouTube


  • hotjars

  • Anatomy of the perfect B2B service page

Why Google Analytics or analytics

  • Case study blue shirt vs red shirt soccer match - numbers might not help you

    • you have too many content: headlines, images, CTAs, newsletter, forms, drop-downs,

  • Analytics save times

Hierarchy of data quality

  1. Opinion preference

  2. industry best practices (useful in absence first party data)

    • they are risky, used for hypotheses

  3. marketing analysis — What has worked for

  4. A/b test — Which works better now


  1. Every number of your analytics is wrong - based on page views, you cannot track page interactions

    1. carousel, anchor links, rollover content

  2. It's about the pages and URLs - currency of the internet , ranking

  3. How well is the navigation working?

    1. what gets clicked and what doesn't

    2. take a look at page view breakdown

    3. go to the home page > user flow

    4. Question:

      1. any small links getting clicked a lot

      2. any bug buttons getting missed

      3. are calls to actions effective

      4. what gets clicked the most in the main nav

      5. what never gets clicked in the main nav

  4. Everything you remove from a page makes everything that's left more prominent - less is more

Creating goals

  • 5 types of conversions

    • leads

    • subscribers

    • e-commerce customers

    • event registrants

    • donors


  • Creating Goals under View

  • Give it a descriptive name

  • URL of the goal, enter a value, set up the funnel, required, save

  • this allow you to track conversion views

  • funnel visualization report

    • find the weakest links / where the user flow break

Service Page checklist

  1. Short descriptive headline

  2. keyword focus

  3. quick visual credibility

  4. meaningful subheads

  5. answers to top questions

  6. short paragraphs

  7. testimonials / social proof

  8. strong supportive visuals

  9. faces of your people

  10. data and statistics

  11. clean, simple flow

  12. depth and detail (800+words)

  13. compelling call-to-action


Removing dead-ends

Potential- dead-ends: remove every dead end from your website, thank you pages, site search : no results, 404 page not found, ... the bottom of services page

  • Contact form over email link

    • trackable in analytics

    • can store a backup in a database

    • leads to a thank you page with additional content

    • sends an auto-response email with additional content

    • can ask specific questions

    • can route message depending on answers

    • can route message to multiple people

    • works on any computer, no email software necessary

    • no spam

  • Thank you message crafting

    • give people more opportunities and not a dead-end

    • newsletter

Search term query page ranking - what phrases does this page rank for

  • anecdotes does not affect data - narrative/storytelling device

  • Connect Google Search Console > Acquisition > see Orbit Media Article

    • track user Search Query that connects to your site? - measuring search performance

  • High ranking content

    • primary key-phrase (title tag and H1)

    • make sure article incorporates all of these phrases

    • ad detail, length, answers, statistics, contributor quotes, and examples to articles than rank #1 yet (SEO)

  • Are they using the search tool? What content are we missing?

    • branded query

    • Site search Tracking query parameter: search_term (wordpress is optimized for this)

    • under Search Terms , you can now see phrases people are search for on your website

      • Primary dimension: Search Term / Secondary dimension: exit page

        • look for where people leaving your page because they could not find what they were looking for

      • Opt out investigation: secondary dimension: start page

    • Questions

      • search for each phrase yourself. Find it?

      • your page isn't ranking? Optimize it!

      • You don't have a page? Create it!

      • Adjust your navigation. Help visitors finds things faster

      • Is the site working well in every platform

        • Technology > Browser & OS, Bounce rate > identify where people are struggling

        • Drilling down : identify which Browser Version is causing low conversion rate

      • DO some browsers have higher bounce rates than others?

      • Do some browser (or versions) have lower conversion rates than others

FAQs questions

  • Avoid FAQs question because people need to drill down

    • how frequent are FAQs are asked > use Hotjar

    • move the top FAQs onto relevant pages

    • reorder the question, putting the top questions at the top

    • remove the FAQs that are not really frequently asked

  • Anatomy of a conversion: question > answers > evidence > action!

    • create a flow that guides them

Exit click tracking for social media icons

  • Workspace > Tags > Tracking ID > Event > Parameters: click link click URL > create a trigger when someone click something that is not website

  • Remove icons that don't get click

  • get active on the networks that get clicked most

Compelling articles

  • Reverse Goal Path - calculate the metric of pages, page views / newsletter subs = conversion rate

  • Use Google Sheet add-on to gather gata

  • Questions for new calculated metrics

    • Are we promoting our top- converting content

    • can we publish more on high-performance topics?

    • Are the high-traffic pages guiding visitors to high-converting pages?

Beware the HiPPO - highest paid person's opinion


  • people scans for if they are right place - excavation vs bulldozer

Instagram Strategy for Business Growth by Dot Lung

  • Discovery

    • Yourself: start with an intention give value to your audience, your why, target audience, niche

    • IG: metrics

    • community (not content) is king

  • Define: what content can you create to give value and create dialogue

  • Develop: a system that allows you to consistently create and share

    • scheduling

    • optimal captions, hashtags, formats

  • Deliver

    • human connection - authenticity & reliability

    • cultivation of community

Role models

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Jessica Walsh

  • ​Make it count​

  • Chris Do

  • Marty Neumeir

  • Donald Miller - Building a story brand

  • Nas Daily

Dragon Formula

Every pience of content must have a purpse

content to grow, build your brand, sell


  • why you do what you do - Simon Sinek

  • Why do you want to be on social media?

  • Who is your target audience on social media?

  • What and where will you share on social media?

  • When will you share on social media?

  • How will you measure performance?

  • Find your why by asking: what do I do, how do you do it, why do you do it

Dialogue - why use social media?

  • Direct meaningful conversations

  • build authentic meaningful relationships by listening, asking thoughtful questions and commenting back. Make it about them

    • DM,PM, Messenger. IG tracks how you send direct messages, voice message ranks highest and give you more reach since it cannot be replicated by bots or spam

  • Have more conversations, less announcements

  • Art of conversation

    • ask open ended questions and dig deeper to improve conversations

    • do not dominate a conversation or make it all about you. A monologue is not conversation

    • Show interest and curiosity in others

    • Strive for a balance of give and take

    • Maintain an open mind


  • Relatability = more likability= relevant content = evergreen

  • make them feel an emotion so they can relate eg. thirtyaf, dudewithsign,

  • Hack: create emotion using storytelling to relate, hook and empathize with audience

  • Storytelling formula (3act): problem / situation > Solution / Plan > Result

Authenticity - Raw & Real

  • your vibe attracts your tribe / real followers

  • honesty is currency on social.

  • real and organic over perfect and packaged

  • the content and value that you bring is worth more than the production value

Giving value

Take care of the people and the people will take care of your business

  • Social media comes down to "What value are you providing?"

  • Give, give, give, give some more value

  • Educate entertain, trigger, inspire - edutainment method

  • give it at the highest value as you can

  • high value + high quality content

  • Think like Hare Krishna who gifted travelers with rose which made them donate to their cause

  • law of reciprocity - overpowering sales technique defined as: a deep rooted subconscious need to return effort to those who put forth effort for us

  • What's my plan to generate consistent value for my community to get them coming back for more?

  • Case studies: Michael Janda - Burn your portfolio

How can you serve someone

How can you serve a business?

  • inspire

  • motivate

  • entertain

  • educate

  • find new opportunities

  • save them time

  • save them money

  • make their life easier

  • make them feel and look good

  • build awareness

  • improve process

  • educate team

  • drive engagement

  • increase conversion

  • make things more efficient

  • solve communication issues

  • achieve goals

  • connect them with new business


  • have an opinion - good, bad or ugly

  • instigate dialogue, controversy, conversation, more opinions spike engagement

  • brands needs to take a stand

  • let the world know what your brand and your business stand for through words and actions


  • a niche is subsection of the population who can be identified by sharing a common value or interest as other people - Adam Morrison

  • A niche market is a subset of a larger market with its own particular needs or preferences

  • There are riches in the niches, go an inch wide and a mile deep (hashtag usage)

  • When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. If you target everybody, you target nobody.

  • Niche down - tighten your niche for superior conversion rates to grab the attention of your market with highly targeted messaging

  • Your niche should be: Unique, Identifiable, Scalable

  • Niche down to serve 250 people: smallest viable audience

  • Case study: @cactusmagazine

  • Questions

    • what is the content I would love to consume

    • who is it for?

    • what problems do they have?

    • How does my content solve these problems? - help them solve their problems

    • what is the legacy I want to leave behind when I die. What is the one single thing that you want people to know you for?

Artists > Motion Designers > Aged 18-30 in US that loves ... humour?

Scale: Sales, Solutions, Scaling

  • TOFU MOFU BOFU Sale Funnel

    • TOFU I know it - build reach

    • MOFU I like it - fall in love with product

    • BODU I want it

    • $ — I'm buying it

  • AIDA (1988) Attention interest desire, action

    • Attention / Awareness - must grab attention, peak curiousity, hook the consumer

    • Interest - get consumer engaged with the product or brand

    • Desire / decision - Consumers wants to find out more and engage more with brand

    • Action - Consumers forms a purchase intention, engages in CTA

  • Summary

    • make it all about them. Highlight audience's problem or pain

    • focus on the solution your offer

    • tell how they apply / take action to buy (calll-to-action)

    • system to scale the sales

  • Content formula to sell with 15s Story highlights

    • what - solution

    • who - target

    • why - the need

    • how - the result

    • USP

    • story

  • Task:

    • what are you literally selling?

    • what are you emotionally selling?

    • All of us are selling on Instagram

  • Call to actions

    • if it's a long post, let your audience know to 'Save now, read later'

    • Enter now to win

    • Do this tonight!

    • (For urgency): Limited time, don't miss out

    • (Share reminders) - Remember to ...

    • Tag a friend

    • Shop now!

    • Like this post if you agree

Putting the Dragon to Action


  • what niche am I in

  • what Kind of audience do I want to attract

  • what are 3 words that instantly describe what Instagram is about

Set up the perfect-profiles

  • focus on the people or niche you want to reach

  • make it clear: user has 3 seconds to find out

    • who you are, what you offer, and if your content is relevant

  • content theme - make it effortless for people to know what you do

  • Bio checklist:

    • who are you?

    • what do you offer to the user

    • design content to have a theme or a color layout

    • use your name with that you do or want to to be known for

What content should I post

  • Territories

  • Buckets

  • Themes

  • Categories

List the type of contents you want to be making or curating

what you want to be known for

  • Types of contents

    • work / WIP

    • Quotes Images

    • BTS

    • curated images/ video / UCG (user-generated content)

    • selfies and People images

    • video - live interviews, q&A, unboxing

    • product photos

    • stories

Content formats

  1. IG Feed - the profile wall

  2. Stories (ephemeral video)

  3. IGTV (long format video)

  4. Live Video -live video and chat to do interviews or shows

  5. Pinned highlights - permanent stories

Calendar template

  • Publish date and time

  • Artwork

  • Caption

  • Hashtags

  • what platforms to post

  • objective / links / mentions / notes

  • Hook / title / engaging headline

  • intro

  • problem x3

  • value x 3

  • checklist

  • call-to-action


  • write hashtags but hide them by scaling them super small

  • make use of interactive stickers and questions


  1. Askan open ended question to get their

  2. multiple-choice questions / polling

  3. comment like and share

  4. minimalist emotion words

  5. descriptive storytelling


  1. niche down on hashtags to avoid competition on popular hashtag

  2. cycle through few sets of hashtags

Engagement pods

  • community with higher followers give you higher engagement


KPI - likes comments and share

  • Reach: viewership

  • Impression: content distribution

  • Engagement: meaningful conversations f