Art school

Motion Media Design in general

  • it is hard to explain what is Motion Design but there isn't a need to.
  • you can tap into your strengths (eg.illustrative/ graphic design) and you do not have to do what you are not inclined towards
  • broad possibilities: commercials, filmmaking, interactive installation, project mapping, AR/VR
Curriculum trains you in multi-discipline such as vfx, animation, graphic design, filmmaking, typography you are not boxed to single tasked traditional roles you choose your own adventure

Students & community

  • everyone has a distinct visual language and it can be 3D, illustrative, tactile
  • highly collaborative and foster a bonded community of practice

Creative process

A combination of divergent and convergent thinking in which you diagnose the problem at the hand and prescribe a visual treatment to help clients and audience understand the value of your creation Our methods include using writing, drawing, mind-mapping, mood-boarding

My BFA takeways

  • Metamorphosis - discovering your Camel identity, and evolving to the Lion and the Child
    • Becoming the College is for unlearning conventional wisdoms, having discussions with peers, dissecting fetishes, biases, prejudices, and addictions. Most importantly, it is to help become self-conscious and examine your life and role in the world; to help become more intentional and deliberate with ourselves and creative direction.
      • Genius is external of us, or at least it used to be, until the renaissance man decided to embody genius as himself. Genius is a state of flow, this divinity enters us when we are READY
        The artist and the chemist work in the same way but using different units of measurements (intuition vs pure abstraction of nature)
      • What happens in a world where machines do things for you? You lose control of your thoughts; since there is no need to think. Television is a prime example of this effect
  • Balance: A successful life is one that is harmonious; you have to balance each aspect of your life be it health, career, relationships like jugging balls. It is this idea of simultaneity we need to grasps, you holding mental concepts all at once but at the same time not. It's fine to lose balance and let the ball fall sometimes, we need lots of practice to juggle with ease.
  • How can we save ourselves from extinction with the progressively autonomous economy?
    • CRITICAL THINKING - it's figuring about the what / think / need/ desire ; mediating between people and machine. The Software is ultimately irrelevant in a world soon to be dominated by soft skills. The future is the person who is making the demos, tutorials, templates
  • Gregory Bateson ecology of mind documentary
    • Look at relationships not singularity or causality; everything is all connected
    • The Bateson's riddle: what is the relationship from a lobster to a shellfish....
  • Art needs to change consciousness or perception; not a fetishized object