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Handsome, charming, courageous Singaporean man circa 2019


Hello! My name is Desmond Du, I am a multi-media artist based in Savannah, Georgia specializing in After Effects, procedural methods, coding and automation. I enjoy teaching and runs a software tutorials YouTube channel called NoSleepCreative.
I have been running NoSleepCreative Wiki since 2019 summer. I update this wiki almost every single day (mostly the expressions). Everything here is a work-in-progress so you will find holes and incomplete materials in certain pages. I like to call this my online brain.
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What do you do when you feel stuck?
Usually I need a consciousness or cognition shift to overcome, and I often do this by talking to my closest motion design friends, and explained the situation. They usually do not have the answers but still offer suggestions. I believe it is not about getting the right answers but actually the process of talking it out your problem and brainstorming together.