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dscacheutil -flushcache


ps aux | grep fsck
sudo kill -9 2587


    • I think I found a solution! It's not about the audio output - it's about what display is your 'main display'. You need to go to System preferences > Display > Arrangement. Here, drag that little white title bar on the main display screen, which currently will be on the HDMi display, to your mac display. Apple will always keep the audio output corresponding to the main display as the main audio source. Once you change the main display to your inbuilt display, the HDMi audio output is never used by default! This solved it for me.
    • A simple fast way to select connected Audio Output devices, is to hold the Alt (option) key and click the Sound icon on your Menu Bar.

Bypass Gatekeep to use apps from anywhere

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    Control + RMB open an app


Essentials Shortcuts

Cmd shift A
Command + Spacebar
Finder bar
Cmd + Shift + G
Go to path
Option + RMB on file
Get file name
Log out
Mission Control
Show Desktop

Get path directory of file (hold option + RMB)


  • Make use of Finder top bar
  • Preview in 'collage"