Frustrations of teaching

No one is paying attention

Keywords: disinterest, low motivation, disengaged
  • how does this influence or bring value to me > what's in it for them?
    • what is the context: eg. portfolio content, expertise, portfolio pieces
  • What is the risk for implications from not listening


Deep focus

  • Compounding and building upon knowledge

Getting comfortable with teaching

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Worthiness
  • hHo is going to deem you worthy? Did successful youtube motion design channel became worthy before they start their channel?

Deborah Fowler

Teach the concept first, then the technique

  • For example, the phyllotaxis assignment was an exercise in learning how to use expressions, relative references, and creating controls. Fowler uses the creative to inform technical teaching.

Deep focus

  • In her lessons,go really deep with a single concept by showcasing variant techniques and methods
  • walkthrough potential and common problems, and how to troubleshoot them.

Thoughtfulness and curation

  • most content covered in class is written on her website
  • Building a knowledge base wiki that students can refer to
  • Deep focus content covered for students to explore and go above assignment requirement


  • visual diagrams to explain concepts in the beginning
  • refer to documentation for syntax, get people to help troubleshoot themselves


keywords: metamorphosis, camel lion child, ability to unlearn, self-awareness, taking responsibility, expectations, priorities, biases, intentionality
Frameworks: Double Diamond, Design for Motion,
Principles: Pareto's, Parkinson Law
Core skills: speed learning, be intentional with what you do with your life

Our expectations

  • Art school


Establishing expectations & correcting/ converging thinking:

  • What do you want to get out of this class instead of "getting better at AE" and if you want to be good at AE what does that mean? What do you need to learn? (eg. expressions, layer styles, animation, generative design).
  • What are you expect to get out of the teacher /professor?
  • Measuring your own success vs grade quantifier
  • Grading will be much stricter in the beginning

Measuring Success

What is success to you? And how badly do you want it? Your ability to take action is based on that motivation. It is totally acceptable if you do not desire it strongly just as long as:
You are okay with the consequences. For example. You are snacking every day, not exercising, living a sedentary lifestyle. We are know the importance of healthy diet and exercise but do we take it seriously? Do we take seriously enough to do something about it.You are a Master of your reality. These people are outliers in world because they formulate their own opinions and beliefs to drive their life. They cannot can't differentiate between work and play; and pursue their earnestly because it brings them joy and fun. With that mindset, only time can show how successful they can get. It takes some time to identify your passion or your way of life, and it doesn't need to be. It will come naturally.
To expound on this matter, ask yourself "what level of discomfort am I willing to
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What is creativity to you?

One of the toughest things to do as an artists or designers is to develop a "style" or rather a focus. It is just so easy to be a generalist if you do not have a clear idea of what exactly you want. Above is framework to think about how we want to approach creativity and narrow our focus. Try to plot yourself in the above diagram, and see where you lie.

Building teams

  • Class will be split into 2 teams with their chosen names, each team will split into small section of 3 -5

Midterm - training observational & problem solving - Lynus test

  • open-book, search the internet and tutorials, you can work with your section but you need to submit an individual animation file and their project files
  • student will watch an animation I prepared, and recreate it exactly as they see it

Getting better

Master-copyimaginary apprenticeship - working with the bestDesigning with Constraints

Finals - The great collaboration - battle is won before it is ever fought

  • compulsory working in the team - how do you communicate, share files, breakdown tasks
  • grading performed by the team

Identifying and developing your visual language

Scour any media (preferably visual of course) that piqued your interest; go with the mindset of "anything that looks visually pleasant to me".Try to find patterns in the things you chose; be it colors, compositions, subject matter,Arrange it into mood-boards, and write a paragraph about why you like the things you chose The outcome here is a self-portrait of our "taste"

Beauty of Youth & Risks

When you are young; you are not earning a lot which means you can jump around any divisons or department and learn new things. This is not true when you are older, you are earning a bigger paycheck, you cannot afford to start all over again at junior position. Once you go up; you cannot come down or jump around.

Discussion topics

Capacities and qualities: high self-esteem, courage, fortitude, determination, perseverance, tenacity, integrity,
  • Internal
    • making sense of / self-awareness
      • success - what is it? how do you measure it and how you get to it?
      • our ego, and identity and the work, our grades
      • future of work
      • play
      • change, resistance, interpretation, acceptance
      • what matters / what does not
    • risks & failure
      • the ability to take risks, and the ability to learn from failure.
    • Self-care
      • how do take of ourselves?
      • how do we develop systems and boundaries to prevent overworking and
    • mastery and Learning
      • how do we learn better and faster through our own means?
      • what makes you uncomfortable?
    • confidence
      • how can we believe our own stories
      • how can we advocate for ourselces the same way we do for other people
  • External
    • creative confidence / self-esteem
      • how can you be sure?
    • communication
      • how do we take /communicate feedback
      • tell me about yourself - short and sweet
  • Workplace
    • organization
      • file structure and our workplace
    • leadership
      • lead without having the title
  • Value
    • how do you bring value to the world / company / class /team ?
    • what do you think people value?
    • what makes you outstanding? How do we position ourselves for success?
    • Exercise: everyone answer "tell me about yourself" on index cards anonymously, and a card will be randomly drawn and the class need to identify who that person is

Roleplaying scenarios

Working with clients

  • Playing the client who is unclear in communicating what he/she wants
  • Getting comfortable with saying your rate
    • Hourly
    • Project
  • Compromising
  • Asking the right questions
    • Getting all the assets
    • data on deliverables - resolution, fps, deadlines, quantity,
  • Negotiation

Working in a team

  • Scenarios
    • You cannot deliver an assignment on time because you are overwhelmed with school work/other projects/life.


Future of how we learn

How pandemic transforms how we learn & higher education

Post-covid campus - campus reopens and things resumePandemic continues - remote learning Toggle term - reopening and remoteHybridvirtual classes / office hours + campus as a physical resource and space for work
Challenges faces
class disruption due to poor internet connectionno physical community of practice no access to equipment and resources eg. computers, software,people do not have enough finance to fund education eg. unemployment
  • Schools should invest in virtual machine infrastructure to allow
  • online education will grow and be embraced

AR / VR / MR

Missing image

Unsorted notes

Learning & education ` The future of education radical (Neumaier?), accessible (location, time, money), the Futur mission, it is a state of mind, more than one mentor, assemble the best and the brightest to share their insights and wisdom. The school as a physical resource - which is still too expensive. Why not create that WeWork and creative space that Peter Clark spoke of. It is a marketplace, place of work. Freemium model; give as much as you can you without hurting yourself. Teaching students a way of life rather than a series of "work" you need to get through.
Our expectations we have expectations of what education and learning should give us and do > tangle outcomes and results > grades (quantifier of success), portfolio piece, what is this going to do for me, skills training
exit: ⌘↩
Hence, we do not above and beyond in school, we do what is given and instructed.
We need to learn become a autodidactic person capable of supplementing our learning unasked by others or societal pressure.maturity self awarnesss
Learning, after all, is how we navigate ourselves and make sense in the world; a way of life
how we can redesign Education
first of all, there is nothing wrong ; it's working but the world is changing and so must our syllabus
what is the disparity between the working world and how we have been trained in schools.
What I want to achieve to have a dialogue about the future, with everyone being more digitally dependent,
comment below
Online art education - nosleepcreative
being more aware about bring value to the world than just aesthetic making
media literacy
think critically, to see the world, learnining to unlearn conventional wisdom
relevation show you something you never seen before, sowing them loosenarrative fram ehta they can itnerpret, le tpeople stand back and observe and come out with deeper understanding. Part of it not knowing . SHare those ideas with you; maybe you can put togther those ideas that i cannot. Look after truth and goodness, and beauty will look after itself.
The case of art-school: the illusion of an art-school creates a myth / illusion of the best art school with its consistent marketing celebrating "Stories" & "Journeys", inviting the famed celebrities to attend its event or do the commencement speech, employer visits, its 90% employment placement rate,
exit: ⌘↩
5 things I learnt from
Despite the abundance of online courses available, people are still going to art school and the reasons include getting a degree to get a job, learning from the best professors, making new friendships and fostering new connections. I think the beauty of college is the human connections that you make,
To define the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. What if the system that is being taught is outdated?
Shift from education to literacy - form our personal opinion, possessing duality to hold other people opinions with no judgement, and make informed decisions.
5 things I did not learn pfor
a foundation in business and seliing
maybe we aren't ready because all we want to do is get a job.
work-life integration
work was always 24/7, people's mental health deterioration
taking on too much
Mission statements of online schools
Mograph Mentor: Mentorship & Training From The Industries Best. Mograph Mentor is an online motion graphics school. We help motion graphics artist focusing on career and portfolio development. Study the artistic and technical skills you need to take your portfolio to the next level.
At School of Motion we are reimagining art school. World-class training, on your schedule from anywhere on Earth.which is not true because you teach people how to work but they don't know how to think. Though I believe there are individuals who learn more as they work. Skill-based learning is great but it is sufficient? Just like MGM, it focus on artistic and technical skill. SOM is reimagine art school like a factory.
The Futur Mission: Teach one billion creatives how to make money doing what they love... without feeling gross. Eliminate the biggest barriers to education: cost, time, and accessibility. Gather the most creative minds, technologists, producers and inspirational professionals to teach 21st century skills, while leveraging media platforms, social networks, and distance based learning tools. That sounds modern, disruptive and unlike any school out there. That’s because we believe the❗️future of school isn't a school at all — classrooms have no walls, students are never late, and classes are always in session.
It is hard to do two things at once, the Futur does not do AE tutorials but lots of wisdom and conversations. The online motion design school focus on giving people the skills and a little bit of the mindset.
Hence the balance is not choosing one but choosing both.
As for NSC, it is still my personal myth building so I want to be known for the only youtube channel that does after effects tutorials on the technical and coding part of Motion Design. It's not something that is taught in school and there are not alot of people who does this sort of content.
I did these things unasked, and solely for the joy and fulfillment from sharing knowledge with my peers and seeing them succeed and do their best work.
Time & attention space & priority
practical application > project-based learning - illusion of mastery - we see it as a means
context and intetion of artists - factual & objective look -
reading a book - not a priority
creating is thinking , saying sth, identity, expression,
Agree - accessible, taste of Motion Design,
if everyone is doing it, it's not difficult
in-person network opportunities - foster bond and connection , trust , small things , genuine, human touch , interactions
we expect education and school to give us a job / not to think or lead a better life / etiquettes conduct professionalism / design identity maturity / trying something new and different, and getting out of comfort zone, way of life / lifestyle, transformation
knowledge and learning as entitled just because I pay a fee
dont' go to art school; job > do SOM
regret art school - what have you been thinking / how have you matured
learning as lifestlye- read books, curious, self driven
go to class to have that discussion
building yourself up as opposed to being attached to results mindset