// from c4d to blender
shift tab
shift a - add
a - select all
anchor point : mesh
tilde -
z: render views
Zoom into an object - /
fit frame to selected - numpad 0
Scale by normals - alt + s
//Common Keyboard Hotkeys
A Select all
Alt+A Deselect all
Shift+A Show Add menu
Shift+D Duplicate > hit enter
Alt+D Linked duplicate
E (edit mode) Extrude
F (edit mode) Create face/edge
G Grab/move
Alt+G Clear location
H Hide selected
Alt+H Reveal all
I Insert keyframe
Ctrl+J Join selected objects
L (edit mode) Select linked vertices
Shift+L (edit mode) Deselect linked vertices
M Move selection to collection
Ctrl+M Mirror selection
N Toggle Sidebar visibility
Ctrl+N New Blender session
Ctrl+N (edit mode) Calculate normals outside
O (edit mode) Enable proportional editing
P (edit mode) Separate to new object
Ctrl+P Make parent
Alt+P Clear parent
R Rotate
Alt+R Clear rotation
S Scale
Alt+S Clear scale
U (edit mode) Unwrap mesh
Ctrl+S Save file
X Delete selection
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo
Spacebar Play animation
Shift+Spacebar Show Tool menu
Ctrl+Spacebar Maximize editor area
Tab Toggle Edit mode
Ctrl+Tab Show mode pie menu
Tilde (~) Show view pie menu
F2 Rename selected object
F3 Show search menu
F9 Show floating Last Operator panel
Action Result
Left-click Select
Shift+left-click Add to selection
Ctrl+left-click (edit mode) Remove from selection
Left-click+drag Box selection
Alt+left-click (edit mode) Edge/Face loop select
Middle-click+drag Rotate view
Shift+middle-click+drag Pan view
Ctrl+middle-click+drag Zoom view
Right-click Context menu


  • learn principled shader