Starting points

Inspired by the book Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull; here are some adage and anecdotes I find compelling or neologized in my life.

The trick is to think of each statement as a starting point, as a prompt toward deeper inquiry, not as a conclusion — Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc, pg 315

Personal quotes

my creativity is one that is based on organizational, data, writing code

It is not about "interesting", it is about "communication" and engaging your audience.

Excellence is not just a habit; it is a lifestyle. You have to embody it.

Everybody speaks design, just differently - Matt Hryhorsky

Working with clients can be frustrating because they may not use the same jargons and terminology to communicate to us what they want. The truth is everyone used a different language when describing designs. We all have different standards and interpretations of the same word. To me, the word “beautiful” means nature, skies and books. To you and everyone else, it could mean something else entirely.

As a designer, it is our job to find out our client’s interpretation. We should not dismiss clients who don’t “get” it but rather ask ourselves, what are they looking at? Design is not an elite club, don’t assume clients know the terminology we used in design.

To close this gap in communication

Favor conversations over presentations. Your design should not be a a surprise to your clients. They should be with all the way in the beginning from concept to execution. Bring your client to the table. Be a service provider rather than a product-maker.

Client know what they want but they just use different words. Design is good conversation and understanding people.

Stop presenting multiple concepts

Though it may seem like a good idea to give your clients choices, you actually sounds like “I don’t know what is the best solution for your design, so you can choose it” instead.

It’s just a jpeg - Beeple

Mike winkelmann AKA Beeple is famed for his everydays projects and incredible Cinema 4D designs that has spanned over ten years. Yet, he still calls them “crap” and do not have a strong attachment to much of his work. For Beeple, he sees his everydays as a way to grow as an artist and learn. He described about his works on his Instagram are just jpegs, nothing more.

Don’t take you art too seriously - Mateo Mounier

Mounier shared about his “enlightenment” in art school when a teacher asked the class to bring their best drawing or painting, and proceeded to destroy them in the most horrible way possible. The point was not to take your art too seriously no matter how much time and effort you put in, and that you can always make more. We are not our art but we are artist. Just keep moving forward and make good art.

If you love your design, then we love it too - Joshua Davis

In the first instalment of No God No Heroes panel at FITC Toronto 2018, Davis shared about his experience of almost getting fired from a project with a band during his early days. He talked about how he sent his videos to the band for feedback. To which, the guitarist said “I play guitar. I’m in band. How am I supposed to know what is the best. If you love your design, then we love it too.”

PES: "I just wanted to make a film about chair having sex"

Find, make, steal time - Grant Skinner

In Skinner’s talk, he shared about the importance and the tangible benefits of “play” in our art and career. During his schooling days, his penchant websites, programs and application in his own time helped him get a job/

Kyle Cooper "Paul Rand impression"

"So you're still making that trash art" — Kyle Cooper's impression of his mentor Paul Rand after making the title sequence for 'S7ven'.

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