Documentation / Tutorials

  • The Futur Youtube channel

Industry / Case-studies



Finding your visual language

  1. Scour any media (preferably visual of course) that piqued your interest; go with the mindset of "anything that looks visually pleasant to me".

  2. Try to find patterns in the things you chose; be it colors, compositions, subject matter,

  3. Arrange it into moodboards, and write a paragraph about why you like the things you chose

  4. The outcome here is a self-portrait of our "taste"

Roleplaying scenarios

Working with clients

  • Playing the client who is unclear in communicating what he/she wants

  • Getting comfortable with saying your rate

    • Hourly

    • Project

  • Compromising

  • Asking the right questions

    • Getting all the assets

    • data on deliverables - resolution, fps, deadlines, quantity,

  • Negotiation

Working in a team

  • Scenarios

    • You cannot deliver an assignment on time because you are overwhelmed with school work/other projects/life.