Creative regime

Learning to become a better artist is no different from training yourself to be an athlete. We can see creativity as a muscle to be trained and strengthen with a well-planned 'workout' routine

Nutrition - Things that fuels your imagination


  • Watch tutorials

  • Film-making

  • Dailies

  • Collaboration

  • Teaching


  1. Set aside two hours each day to create something new


  • Energy

Rest / Creative Sabbatical

I recently got reminded by Stefan Sagmeister and his creative sabbatical in which he takes a year off every 7 years of working. It got me thinking about how we can do a micro-version of this practice by taking the last week of the month off. That means not doing daillies, not watching tutorials or anything creatively strenuous. Perhaps take stock of where you are and what you have done for the month. Evaluate, plan and execute.

One thing to note about Sagmeister's practice is that he planned thoroughly how he spend his sabbatical to learn and do his projects. (-Time Sensitive Podcast)