O1 visa


  1. Get a good lawyer

    • they will usually charge a fee for reviewing your case

    • The standard processing fee of an O1 visa is $460. If you opt for premium processing, you will have to spend an additional $1,410 on top of the standard fee. The USCIS holds the right to either approve or deny your case. It can also ask for additional evidence (RFE).

  2. Join a nuon - big help for 01 application


  1. Is there any specific number requirements of artwork for O1 applicators?

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  2. Does an O-1 visa require a sponsor (the company you’re working with?) And if so, would you have to stay with the company while under that visa?

  3. Are you allowed to freelance under an O-1?

  4. How many proof do we need to build O-1 case (assuming projects that were published/giving a talk/articles etc maybe?)

  5. How long before my OPT ends should I ideally start preparing to apply for my O type visa?

    • 4 to 6 months talk to the lawyer

  6. For the credentials, to show extraordinary ability, do all the publications/awards have to be for the same exact field? Or can they be from any field (like, past work in the sciences, and current publications in different art fields, etc.)?

Curation to build your case

  • History

    • achievements

  • Recommendation letters

  • publication

  • IG post feature

  • Good relationship with faculty and community

  • Award recognition

  • club partipation