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  • ​School of Motion Podcast Episode 78: Gentleman Scholar, Will Johnson on Controversy and Creativity - Can you pay the price of effort and time to reach your ambitions?


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For the interview

  • your expected salary (hour/monthly/annual)

  • answer to "tell me about yourself" using Jodi Glickman's Pitching Yourself structure


Salary: establishing your worth not your wage

There comes a time when you might be interviewing for a senior position and then comes the talk about your wages. If you worked for a year or two with average / low wages, that does not mean you have to tell that monetary information to the company that is interviewing you. What you can do instead is tell them "what you think you should be earning right now", and how much more they should pay for you to enter their company as a senior designer.

It's not lying; it's about knowing your worth. If you do not believe that you are worth an investment, why should people believe you then?

Promotion / Salary raise


  1. Look for new opportunities

  2. Ask for it - jedi mind trick

  3. Set a buffer time for supervisors to take action eg. 1 month

  4. Follow up with request

  5. Nothing is done- Let go, move on to the next thing that comes along, and believe that you are meant for something better

  6. Communicate to them that you will looking for new employment opportunities as of DATE

  7. Every time you start a new job, give yourself 6 months to rise up, and then look for new opportunities and apply for them . When your first year ends, you either have a promotion or new job ready.

Asking for it

  1. Acknowledge your compliments, supervisor, the team, and the work, and the company : I enjoyed working here these past year, the team and work has been great but I'm

  2. Staging: I like to share a concern of mine if you are okay with it, and I will be very honest with how I feel.

    • Do you believe that I have performed well in working with our partners, taking initiative, being diligent and efficient to produce quality work in the team?

    • I like to believe that too, and I say that because I spend a-lot of time and effort to do my best work at Studios. Over the past months/year I felt that I brought a lot of value to the team such as consistently delivering quality work to the team, example 1 example2

    Do you think these examples demonstrate expertise of what an average Motion Design Apprentice can do ?

  3. Resolution

Get connected

If recruiter seeks you out

Tell me about yourself - use keywords they demonstrate the work and your process

  • Motion Design at WarnerMedia Studios working on broadcast graphics. I very much serve as a generalist that does design, animation, 3D, coding and scripting and automation, video editing

  • heavy After Effects usage, low C4D, work alot with typography animation and working with photos, open sequencing


where is your office based in?
what are you looking for?
how can I help you
share some contacts who might be looking for new opportunities
share your job with my community

Exiting a company

Resignation notice


I am writing to announce my resignation from WarnerMedia Studios, and my last day of work will be [LAST DAY]. [STATE REASON]I am returning to Savannah College of Art & Design (Atlanta campus) for graduate studies in the fall quarter as they have awarded me a full-tuition scholarship.

The past year have been very rewarding, and I am sure it will be for the remaining months I have with the team. I learned a lot at [COMPANY] and I am grateful to have worked with you and with a very bonded team dedicated to making consistent amazing works. Thank you for the opportunities for growth that you have provided me. I wish you and the company all the best.

If I can be of any help during the transition, such as recruitment, please don't hesitate to ask.

Sincerely, [NAME]

For close colleague

Great working with you previously with Dorothy Dandridge piece, I hope everything went well in the past week.

I would love to see the final video if it is done!

Anyway, I’m not sure if you heard from Jin or anybody else but I am leaving the company on September 11 to pursue graduate studies at the Savanah College of Art and Design Atlanta campus. It has been a pleasure working with you and great meeting you at the gym every morning before the pandemic (I sure miss that hahahaha). Thank you for making part of my journey at WarnerMedia Studios an enjoyable one!