Spline wrapping

Using animated textures

Faux cel smoke & stroke

In order to cut down the time and effort on cel animation, I experimented with using Spline Wrap and anmated texture in C4D to create a faux cel animation.


  • Tapering can be done in C4D spline wrap deformer instead of doing in AE

Preparing of animated texture

  • In AE,

    • baseline of sprite footage should in the middle of the composition

  • In C4D

    • Luminance: add footage as texture

    • Alpha: uncheck soft & invert, check image alpha & pre-multiplied

    • plain geometry behind smoke to hide white of textures

    • anti-aliasing set to best


  • Having the spline wrap disappear once the animation is done; I made use of a simple Python conditional

  • Manually change the start time of the animation texture

  • Setting textures using Xpresso causes rendering to be completely black

Randomizing Colors

With Mograph Material