For Singaporeans

Here is a guide for Singaporeans who are planing to studying at SCAD

What is the best way to apply for SCAD for Singaporeans?

Things you should know about SCAD

  • Everyone has scholarships, it is only a matter of how much. It is not like in Singapore when scholarship means full-ride.

  • Every quarter you are allowed to change campus, you just have to inform your advisor,and fill a form for campus change.

Tips from Desmond Du

Why you should do a year in SCAD Hong Kong 1st

I stayed in Hong Kong dorm for an academic year and if you don't live on-campus, your scholarship gets deducted. However, when you shift to Savannah or Atlanta campus and live off-campus, your scholarship do not get deducted. It's matter of your "main" / "home" campus (where you start from)

If you do a year in Hong Kong, you have to bear with paying for the dorm housing. When you move to Savannah, you can just live off campus and have a rent for about 500 USD a month.

I recommend doing all your foundational classes in Hong Kong (because materials are cheaper in Hong Kong, and much food everywhere). This will take one academic year or less.Then go to Savannah afterwards.

My senpai-s Fyn and Scottie did the same, and I been walking down the same path they took and I say it's pretty good.

If you are coming out of Singapore Polytechnic from the DVEMG course, you ought to...

  • Exempt the following classes : CMPA 110, MOME 130,

  • Possible classes to exempt too:

      • MOME 390 (if you have a website, personal branding)

      • MOME 206 Motion Media Design Techniques II (good class to make friends; would not recommend exempting)