Getting started with SCAD

For MOME students






Why should I go to Savannah?

  • More professors, classes, resources

  • Stronger community & MOMELove Student Club

  • Career Fair



  • ā€‹Maxon one ā€” Cinema 4D, Red Giant Plugins, Redshift Renderer, Cineversity

  • ā€‹Houdini Apprenticeā€‹

  • ā€‹Office 365You get 1 TB of free online storage and the online versions of Office. Some schools also provide the Office desktop apps via an Install Office button on the home page.

  • Boris FX plugins

Software ā€” school

  • Redshift render is available on PCs : room 109/ the shed

  • No Octane renderer available


File management

Accessing the Collaborative space intranet

For Montgomery Hall school computers

  1. Finder > All > Sav-mt-proj > CollaborativeSpace

For other SCAD computers

  1. In Finder, hit cmd+K

  2. type in sav-mt-proj and connect

How to set up Collaborative space (only available via Montgomery Hall)

  1. Using a SCAD computer at Montgomery, open a browser and access the School of Digital Media intranet (homepage)

  2. ....

Setting up FileZilla FTP Client

  1. Download Filezilla > Site Manager > New Site

  2. Insert the following info:

Protocol: SFTP
user: scad student user
password: your password

Creating bookmarks

  1. Go to Site Manager > Select your site > new bookmark

  2. Select a folder on your computer for the local directory

  3. Specify a remote directory eg. /I-Drive/Savannah/Webspaces/Studentpages/web_pages

Editing remote files with text editors eg. Atom

Other Automatic file synchronization software (Like Dropbox)

  • Windows: FTPBox

  • Mac: Sycany

Course Exemption / Substitution template

Dear Professor,

Iā€™m Student name, and here are my data

Student: Name_Lastname Scad ID: 0000000 GPA: 0.00 Major: xxxxx xxxxxx

I am writing to respectfully request a waiver for CLASS NAME NUMBER (ADVE 334) so that I can enroll in CLASS NAME NUMBER (ADVE 341) in QUARTER ( Fall 2016).

Reason for the waiver: [! Be professional and clear in your explanation express in details the reason you need the waiver] Based on the classes offered, there is only one GRDS class I am able to take in Fall. In order to stay on schedule with my graduation plan, I must enroll in at least two elective courses next quarter. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to sign up for classes within other majors to expand my knowledge in all areas of digital communication. I believe that CLASS NAME NUMBER will be an invaluable asset to my education because it will provide the opportunity to develop stronger concepting and management skills on top of practicing graphic design.

Show why you are going to be successful: [! report your previous classes, Knowledge and expertise that make you suitable for the class you are requesting. Prove by listing and elaborating on your previous courses] While the prerequisite for Branding is Art Direction II, I believe I possess the necessary skills from my graphic design courses to do well in this course. By Fall, I would have taken Intro to Graphic Design, Graphic Design Studio I, Typography I, Typography II, Rasters and Vectors, Production Design, and Intro to Advertising. Additionally, I currently hold a 3.9 GPA, which I believe reflects my work ethic and my dedication to my studies.

Thank you for your time.




Career Fair

Career Fair Tips from Professor Dominique (19 Feb 2019)

  • Do not rely on WiFi. Have your work ready on your iPad/laptop. Just in case.

  • Download the Career Fair Plus App.

  • With the App, research the companies. You will be surprised how many are looking for Motion Designers. Get to know what they do.

  • Look the part but wear comfy shoes.

  • Don't forget your business cards.

  • Bring mints. You'll be talking a lot.


  • PromaxBDA

  • The Rookies

  • ADAA

Using the Montgomery Hall Render Farm


  1. Transfer your work files to the School I-Driveā€‹

    • Make sure you placed in a project folder with your scene and asset files. Putting individual Maya Binary files will not show up in the Render Farm Submit Job page.

  2. Select your file to render

  3. Specify render settings, Renderman for Maya, Maya version

  4. Go to Dashboard and view your render status

  5. Your render will be uploaded to your I-Drive Render Farm folder

Dedicated render nodes:

  • 80 core min number of cores per render node


How do you measure success is the first question you need to ask? How far and how deep do you want your hero's journey to be.

A successful student is one that developing friendship with everyone around, and assembling his dream team of artists and designers. Think of this dream team like a company, a league of extraordinary designers & artists, the Avengers, the Expendables or whatever you want to call it.

Life management

  • Successful (developing good friendship and collaboration with your peers to make great works)

    • Assemble your dream team and develop friendship

  • Things you should be aware

    • Lasercutting is free in SCAD (at Fahm & Gulfstream)

  • Project and time management / Getting things done

    • Parkinson's law

    • Google calendar

    • Gantt chart

    • Peter's principle