Documentation / Tutorials

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Industry / Case-studies

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Running a class or workshop

  1. Survey / Appraisal

    1. Proficiency level: Zero exp / Basic / intermediate

    2. Number of participants

    3. Duration

    4. Relevance - what do people want to use it for; and what is their day job


Doing demos or workshop tips

  • Have a second that alerts you to pause when participants are having problems

    and go around to help people

  • Turn on "zoom" in Accessibility for Mac; allowing into to zooming in and out

  • If using shortcuts, say aloud the shortcut used every single time.

Recording video tutorials

Apps for screen recording

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) β€” Free

  • Camtasia

Common mistakes / problems

  • OBS

    • Window capture only records the main software panel and does not include any other panels opened up in the app in you are recording

    • Video text is blurry

  • Edit

    • Using After Effects for editing β€”Rendering takes forever; stick to Premiere Pro or Resolve

    • Zooming and focus takes too much time; using dissolve is a better alternative as it is time-cost effective

  • Perfection β€” wanting every aspect of your first video to be perfect

    • When starting out; I recommend just publishing a video and not be concerned with the audio or the title animation, or the recording process. Just do it; you will naturally get better and improve those flaws.


  • Mike Sparkle β€” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iiy5EnJbcr4​

    • Graphic Equalizer

    • Dynamic Processing

    • Parametric Equalizer β€” Loudness Maximizer

    • Dynamic Processing β€” Gate

    • Hard Limiter β€” Limit to -1dB

Best video instructors for reference

  • Entagma β€” Great voice and speed

  • Andrew Kramer from Video CoPilot β€” Fun and humorous (somewhat)

  • Andrew Price from Blender Guru

Miscellaneous notes:

*Intermediate users are the most challenging to teach; because they do not show up unless you are well-recognised for your skills and prestige in the field.

Growing your YouTube channel

  • The Why: be entertained or be educated

  • Have a focus, and identify your target

  • Most important thing is watch time & engagement

  • Have an enticing outro

  • Custom thumbnail

  • Channels - don't link things

    • Pinterest

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What I learned from making YouTube tutorials

  1. Recording tutorials is much more challenging than teaching in-real-life

    1. Buffer words such as "erms" and pauses make the videos less pleasant to watch

Live stream

  • Software: Streamlab OBS

    • Copy stream key into your software

    • Streaming setting

      • bitrate 3500/ encoder software x264 / 288

  • How to invite guests into video

    • Google Hangouts (max 720p / watermarked / limited control)

    • Skype / OBS (Complex setup)

    • Ecamm Live (Mac only / $79)

    • Zoom ($54.49 a month for video webinar)

    • Skype > wirecast / vmix

  • Broadcast to other sources

    • Restream.io