The Designful company

  • Charismatic brands are the ones where customers are shouting "I love this company!"

  • State

    • people haev more buying options and they are favoruing, beauty, simplicity and the tribal identiy of their fabourite brands

  • Design as play (ludic process) as it invite random inspiration, it needs bounce around in the space between logic and magic

  • What is good design? it is combination of aesthetics and ethics / virtues just like what we want from another human being


  • Agility is apparent when an organization have the right mindset, right skills and the abliity to multiply those skills through collabraotions

  • Agility is something that needs to be embedded into the culture

  • Encourage the organization to have appetitle for radical ideas , keep the company in a constant of inventiveness

  • a designful mind confers the ability to invent the widest range of solutions for the wicked problems now facing your company, your industry, your world.

Brand Gap

Brand Flip


  • When people zig, zag.

  • Focus on unique selling tribe instead of USP

  • Define yourself by what makes you UNIQUE , not what makes you admirable

  • What makes you the only: Our brand is the only _______ that _______.