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  • Save the Cat

  • Story by Robert Mckee


  • Satoshi Kon

  • Edgar Wright

It's what you show and don't show, and how you show it. Show don't tell, tell with what you don't show

French New Wave

  • Capture the spirit of France at the time

  • Breaking rules in shooting and editing

    • conventional: framing, timing, continuity, seamlessness

  • Camera style -

  • Show don't tell

  • If you don't have anything new to say, what's the point of saying anything

  • think of a new way of doing the same thing - breaking the rules


the surface

  • match cut - graphic cut

  • wipe

  • space & time manipulation - processing visual information

Every Frame a Painting

Satoshi Kon - Editing space & time

  • Language: mixes different space and times, ellipsis, fast editing


  • Technology

    • Film is gold standard in the latitude and dynamic range tests

      • lightbulb scene - aberration & bulb detail

    • digital cameras allow more control of lighting options - tech pushes what is is possible

  • DSLR and Cinema is catching up

  • Cinematography: ambiguity to reality, directing the eye, Playing with light and shadow, wave, particle, paint, form of expression, life

  • Talent: tool does not matter, take your own advices because what worked for someone in a certain time will not work for you, believe in yourself